Respect for our land

Our company is located in the wonderful eastern slope of Mount Etna, and is 500 meters above the sea level. The vineyards are between the villages of Piedimonte Etneo and Linguaglossa. They are placed in a unique scenario, characterized by the combination of two territories: the “white lands”, sedimentary rocks crossed by torrential incisions and not involved in lava eruption, and the “black lands”, which are the result of lava flows that have occurred over time. It is a tongue of lava soil to which the peasants gave the name of “Terremorte”, just to indicate the lands submerged by the powerful red river.
In this enchanting scenario, in 2014 the hard, but exciting work of recovering an olive grove and an old vineyard planted with native varieties began: four hectares in all of Nerello Mascalese and Carricante. In this piece of land we produce our wines, fully respecting the ancient tradition and enhancing the vines. We are driven by a constant commitment and a continuous passion and our principle aim is to enhance all the beauty, richness and history of these precious lands in the flavours and aromas of a good wine, which encompasses all the strength of the volcano.


The Vineyard

Absolute quality of a prized wine obtained totally respecting the environment: this is our main purpose. We do not use herbicides or synthetic products and our strategy for sustainable production is mainly based on the use of low doses of copper and sulfur, the contribution of organic matter to the soil, through annual overgrowth of legumes and grasses, and the use of pheromones for fighting pests.
Our vines are trained as espalier, with a density of 5000 vines per hectare. The work in the vineyard is conducted manually throughout the year with painstaking attention, respecting the agronomic techniques and following the dictates of certified ORGANIC agriculture. The idea is not only to take care of the wine we offer, but also to respect and thank the wonderful land that gives it to us.